Inari Sushi with Teriyaki KO Mushroom

by Saute-San
3.82 (9)
  • Is Inari Sushi with Teriyaki KO Mushroom vegan? Yes! Inari Sushi with Teriyaki KO Mushroom is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

After the mildly disappointing Inari Sushi I had at Herbivore, I approached the Sauté-san Inari

Sushi with some trepidation. My misgivings was totally unnecessary! These hit he spot perfectly!

#veganisnotscary #singapore

Another side dish that took us by surprise!! Didn’t expect the mushroom to have th-5

texture. It’s a bit like marinated bwa kua imo??? It’s sooo goood tho y’all should give a try!!


The mushroom to the usual tofu skin and rice that I usually had was refreshing!

It’s also really filling for a plate of 6 and would recommend sharing with 3 people #veganin2020

The mushrooms were nicely marinated, the sushi rice were soft, the beancurd skin is easy

to bite too. All the ingredients compliment each other very well. Overall a delicious and satisfying dish.

The mushroom is marinated very well with the flavourful teriyaki sauce. The rice is well

cooked. Savoury with a hint of sweetness - a great combination.

Super tasty inari sushi. The mushroom is cooked to perfection and gives the entire thing

such a lovely texture xD

Superfilling and very very tasty. There is a lot of rice in here so be

prepared to eat!!

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