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The Tofu is my favorite part!
Its perfectly crunchy and crispy. Full of flavor and

has a bit of spiciness to it. I can taste cumin, chili, garlic and cayenne pepper for seasoning! As well as lots of salt!
The rice and beans were also full of lots of similar flavors and paired really nicely!
The popping balls are citrus flavored and added a nice surprise when eating.
The slaw was good with it and tasted similar to regular cold-slaw.

This is great for lunch or dinner, and it left me feeling extremely full!


Well presented
Super tasty, nice and spicy
Tofu crispy
Great service

Unexpectedly good and filling for theme park food! It also had boba balls (for the

exotic flair as this was inside Pandora Disney) which was strange. But overall - tofu, red quinoa, salad and veggie slaw - one of the better dining options here.

i got the fried tofu bowl with red + sweet potato hash and i must

say that the hash was INCREDIBLE. i was looking forward to the tofu the most but it was super tough to chew, bland, and 80% breading. the hash was definitely the star of the dish as it was flavorful and delicious in general. would recommend to people in animal kingdom disney!

This bowl is good! Has good sauce and the crispy tofu has great texture. The

popping pearls onto are a cute and random addition as well! You can get it with a sweet potato/red potato hash or beans and rice base. I got beans and rice.

One of if not my favourite meal of my holiday! Super flavourful and wonderful textures,

fantastic presentation

Favorite meal at Animal Kingdom. Crispy tofu always cooked perfectly and you get a choice

of different bases and sauces. This particular dish is with the sweet potato hash base. This quick service place also uses all “real” plates and silverware, so no plastic waste!

Very filling and plentiful for a theme park vegan food dish! This product sells for

about 10.00 and can serve two mildly hungry people.

Uma refeição bem saborosa e apimentada, vem uma porção generosa de ingredientes.

Really good and super flavorful! I wish the portions were more but a good option

at Animal Kingdom! 🦒

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