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This wrap contains romaine, falafel, chickpeas, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, black olives, and Arabian

spiced vinaigrette. You can choose the wrap (I choose spinach). This is very savory and it contains the right amount of vinaigrette so that it won't mess up the whole wrap. I just wish they cut up the potatoes into smaller pieces. #crf

Habibi was the first salad I tried at Saladstop and I really like it! Bonus

if you bring your own bowl, you save $0.50. If you order something vegan, you get a free extra topping. They have metal cutlery and proper bowls for dining in! If you forget all your stuff, or don't tend to BYO, get the wrap to minimise wastage :) I especially like the dressing on the Habibi. If you're veggie not vegan, add halloumi or other non-dairy options for extra flavour and protein!

romaine base, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, capsicum, chickpeas, olives, falafels

the vinaigrette dressing went really

well with the cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and romaine base ; falafels were tasty and full of flavour 👍

#salad #saladstop #vegan

$11.20! AHHH my favourite salad place of all time🥺 got my favourite habibi but as

usual I swapped most of the raw veggies out HAHA swapped the cucumbers, olives and capsicums for orange, edamame and pumpkin!! and remembered that each vegan bowl gets an extra topping, so I asked and got some black beans. i love the Asian vinaigrette used, a little sweet and added a nice citrusy touch. the veggies were really fresh, and i especially loved the warm spiced chickpeas (although they’re no longer warm HAHA) I personally felt three falafels were a bit too much though... but it’s cheaper to get this bowl and swap everything else out HAHAHA #cheaphacks ! love salad stop bc they toss the salad for you and it’s the best. the cracker is also my favourite!!!!!!! 10/10 and maybe I’ll ask for an extra one, but I think it’s like $0.50 or something oops #veganisnotscary

Whenever weathers start to get warmer, I would always crave for a bowl of huge

salad. I have never tried saladstop before but heard that it is good so I have it a go this time when I passed by the area! The server was very friendly and introduced this vegan option to me as I was spoilt for choices lol. Presentation was not superb but I think they do very well in mixing the dressing and the base and toppings together. Each bite of it was delicious! The main highlight was their falafels and chickpeas which is one of my favourite plant protein of choice (though I prefer it to be more crispy). Vegetables were super fresh and crisp too! However, I do feel that the price is a little steep as compared to other salad places, given that this is not filling for me. This would be good for those with smaller appetites. :)

Another one of my favorite from #saladstop but not vegan (I think it’s only because

of the sauce that contains honey). I like the falafels and the mix of veggies, goes well with the dressing. Unfortunately, that time was way too much sauce which was very salty and overpowering!

Loveeee the flavours and textures in this :’) The dressing was wonderful and complemented the

refreshing, crunchy veggies + cherry tomato + flavoured potato pieces + chickpeas + falafels etc really well :’) Liked this much more than the Beyond Me bowl! #salad

Love this dish! The falafel is delicious. IMO, goes best with the spinach wrap if

you would prefer a wrap. So many amazingly satisfying flavours. Great portion size. Must try!
P.S. the wraps mostly get a little soggy when delivered so maintain caution while opening 😋

This is my go to when I can’t decide what to eat and need a

healthy and filling option. Delicious. Was my first time getting the bowl instead of the wraps and it was very good.

The sauce was too greasy and disappointing though. Luckily a little portion was enough. I hope they stop using plastic containers. Felt bad when I saw it delivered. Hope they opt for more sustainable packaging.

Lunch at the office yesterday was a yummy Habibi wrap with the addition of pickled

jalapeños. Always good and always very filling.

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