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Earth Bowl Wrap

by SaladStop! @Capital Tower


4.32 (5)

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20 May 2021
Great combo of fresh and filling ingredients that will energize you for the rest of

the day (food coma-safe). Ingredients were well distributed and wrap had good structural integrity ... I take sandwich eating very seriously if can’t tell 😂


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5 July 2021
Ordered after a long time.

Very good salad. Enjoyed it very much

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23 January 2021
Had a p bad experience bcos the delivery took 2hours, and the food was

cold. Really love the flavourful protein patty, but would opt out the fresh herb as it is too overpowering

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1 April 2020
Healthy meals that actually taste good!

I finish it so fast and I am craving the next wrap already.

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