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Loaded Fries

by Roots Aberdeen


4.72 (8)

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22 September 2021
These are so so good, love the combination of flavours (minus the jalapeño) second time

having these and won't be the last 🌱 #willows

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19 July 2020
Omg soooo loaded.

The mix of crispy onions, pickled cabbage, spring onions, burger sauce, siracha, cheese and jalapeños work so well together. A fantastic side dish

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1 November 2020
Loaded fries from Roots, they are so nice and had them as a side with

the tacos.

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24 June 2021
The best loaded fries!

Would highly recommend a trip to roots.

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17 February 2021
These really do taste as good as they look!

So lucky to live near a food truck that produces such amazing vegan food. I could eat these every day of the week. Nice mix of flavours, some jalapeños, spring onion & crunchy...

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8 April 2020

I was apprehensive about the vegan cheese but this is incredible.

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5 March 2020
The best loaded fries!

Perfect balance of flavours :) #willows

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