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Vegan Burger

by Riverside Cafe And Bistro
3.80 (2)

About the restaurant

Riverside Cafe And Bistro
Riverside Cafe And Bistro6 dishes · 7 reviews

317, Riverside Shopping Centre, Bryanston Dr, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191, South Africa

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Most helpful reviews

I was impressed in how tasty this burger was. I enjoyed the beetroot-based patty. The

chips were great too. All was very filling.

My companion had a meat burger and much preferred mine upon tasting to compare the two.

The vegan burger was also priced well, in par with the other options. So, the restaurant is appreciatively fair.

And I am so happy to share - my fellow non-vegan companions have admitted they are starting to prefer vegan burgers to the meat ones. Value-wise, nutrition, ingredients, taste, etc. They say will now order vegan burgers instead! Yay 🤗🙌 made me so happy to hear.

2024 update: somehow, didn't enjoy the burger as much this time around. The patty seemed to have changed. Looked like it was no longer homemade and it had a strange flavour. Such a pity to change something that was fine before...


really nice portion, great variety of flavours that compliment eachother very nicely. difficult to eat

😂 but worth the struggle

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