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Cauliflower Tacos

by Reverie Cafe + Bar


4.76 (5)

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7 May 2021
These were tasty and on point, as was to be expected with anything from Reverie.

10/10 would recommend. 💯🌮

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10 April 2020
These were made gluten free by gf flour on the cauliflower.

Really good, but it is fried so it is heavy and filling.

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1 April 2020
I could eat this all day, every day.

Reverie really has perfected the cauliflower, and the toppings on these tacos add an awesome pop of flavor.

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26 January 2020
I highly recommend this delicious dish!

Crispy cauliflower with Arugula, chipotle sour cream and pickled onion. 👍🏻

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31 August 2020
These are so great and I'm always o impressed with how they get the

cauliflower so incredibly crispy. The only negative is that they're so hard to eat 😂

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