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by Reverie Cafe + Bar


4.57 (7)

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13 May 2022
These are such a tasty dessert!

They’re so fluffy, and the powdered sugar makes it seem like they melt in your mouth! And the chocolate filling is so rich and delicious.

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31 October 2021
These are so good and I'm glad they've been put back on the

menu now that dine-in is back! These beignets are filled with gooey chocolate and come out of the kitchen hot!


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20 January 2020
Reverie makes delicious beignets!

Warm out of the oven, chocolate melted just right and covered lightly with powdered sugar. You only need one!

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27 August 2022
These are so good, the dough is perfect, they have chocolate inside and are dusted

with powdered sugar and cocoa.

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2 April 2022
Super tasty dessert (no idea if the chocolate is ethical though)

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26 January 2020
I highly recommend this chocolate-filled dessert!

They were served warm, and both the consistency and flavor were satisfying!

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11 August 2022
These were a nice desert.

Crispy outsides paired with tender insides make for a tasty treat.

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