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Yasai shoyu Ramen

by Ramen Shifu
4.20 (2)

About the restaurant

Ramen Shifu
Ramen Shifu11 dishes · 13 reviews

Carrer de Fontanella, 13, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

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Most helpful reviews

This veggie ramen was pretty good! Nice taste, nice mixture of veggies and nicely seasoned

heura which is always a plus. Maybe a bit too heavy on the noodle side of things, but overall a great plate! Also the theme of the restaurant is japanese anime/videogames and it's very nicely executed (including the music which is a selection of ost and jpop/kpop). Would recommend and will probably return if I have the opportunity.

Hace tiempo que no me comía un Ramen y me transportaba al mismísimo Japón. Está

muy bueno y ponen generosas cantidades

Lo pidió una amiga y se quejó de que tenía poca chicha en cuanto a

toppings pero el caldo bien!

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