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Most helpful reviews

All vegan ramen spot with delicious appetizers as well. Super cool vibe. Delicious vegan broth

made from sunflower seeds. They even have crazy realistic vegan egg!! What!! In love with this place.

I wasn't too happy with purchasing the soy based egg for an additional cost to

only receive half an egg. Over all the food was good & the vegan tuna was unable to make the photo.

The bowl of noodles disappeared too fast for me to take a photo. What you

see here is the Katsu Omni pork spicy ramen from the website. I didn’t order the vegan egg, but I must admit, this was the most flavorful bowl of vegan ramen I ever tasted. The Omni pork Pattiea are one of the reason. Filled with a deep umami savoriness and backed by an intense veggie broth, this ramen truly hit the higher standard. Because I ordered to go, I can’t really comment on presentation, but I think it’s fare to say it all about the taste first. The noodles where Al dente with a slick and satisfying bite to it. The spicy level was just a bit above my preferred level, but I feel most people will enjoy it as I don’t eat extremely spicy food in general. That being said, the heat was matched by complex chili oil and flakes flavors that added a balance fermented zing to rich broth. Delicious

The best thing on the menu! This place is 100% vegan and the ramen is

perfect! Lots of spice and rich flavors. It's pricier but it's LA AND the bowl is massive. Be sure to bring a reusable take away container.

The spicy flavor was amazing, but we didn’t necessarily like the mushrooms, which were too

raw. I love that it has vegan egg in it!🥚🍜

Ramen hood is great!! Loved this, it was creamy and perfect in every way. Will

definitely be back to try that vegan egg

Ramen Hood is one of my favourites! I highly recommend their fries too🔥

Extremely flavorful and added a vegan egg. Interesting and tasty

Super flavorful, spicy, creamy and amazing! I only wish I lived closer!

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