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Most helpful reviews

Best vegan burger in TLV! They also have beyond burger and beet burger, but the

classic rainburger is the best :) Also, beyond burger you can have here in lots of different places.

We took the rainburger which is always the best choice by my opinion. The size

isn't bad and the taste is wonderful. Restaurant is 100% vegan, they also sale beyond meat. #animalsnow

The best burger I ate recently. Soy and mushroom burger in a delicious bun with

tasty chips! Highly recommended. #freedomfarm

King George 77th, TA
Delicious burger with vegan cheese, vegan bacon and vegan fried egg.

It was so good.

הסניף החדש של ריינבו בקינג ג'ורג' מחדש ריינבורגר עם ביצת עין ופרוסות בייקון שחיתות


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