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  • Vegan Feast for 2
  • Vegan Feast for 2

Vegan Feast for 2

by Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine


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19 March 2019
We ordered the vegan feast combo! Some were slightly spicy and some were savory with

great complex spices. It comes with lots of injera which is a spongy thin pancake like traditional Ethiopian bread that goes so well with all the spices. The service was phenomenal :)

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We had never had Ethiopian cuisine, let alone Vegan Ethiopian before going to this restaurant

and decided to be brave.
Inside, the restaurant itself is comfortable. We went for dinner, after dark, and the dining room is poorly lit so we had a bit of difficulty reading the menu. I guess since we had no idea what we were ordering anyway, it probably didn’t matter.
On the menu they have a selection of, kind of prix fix meals they called feasts. We asked for a suggestion from our server and we went with it.
First out were the lentil sambusa which were absolutely amazing! Hot, fresh, spicy and flavorful, I’d go back just for them. Then we got our feast platter which was both our meals on one large platter. All the items were separated and you could easily see which was yours and which was mine. We expressed, again that we had not been there before and didn’t know what we were eating. Unfortunately that did not, as I’d hoped, open the door for our server to tell us what was in front of us. So, we just dug in and hoped for the best. On the plate, the cabbage and green beans were excellent. The rest was good but a bit lacking in flavor. The white beans had no seasoning and were bland. All the other items, although we didn’t know what they were, if you put the provided hot sauce on them they were pretty good. Their bread on the other hand neither of us really cared for. It was lacking in flavor and a spongy crepe-like consistency that we found unappetizing.
I will say, again, not having been there before we were put at a standard 2 top table and not at one of the traditional tables for eating this food. These tables have a what looks like a wicker tagine that your platter goes into and you all partake from there. We were told what it was when we were on our way out and we commented on it. This is the traditional way and we weren’t even told about it or offered that choice.
Although the feasts offer a large assortment of their menu, if we were in the area I would go back and try them again but I’d focus on sambusas, soup, salad and maybe a side dish.

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I could eat all of this in one sitting if I really wanted to 🤤

but it’s just so FREAKING GOOD (this is for 2-4 people). If you haven’t tried Ethiopian food yet.. get some friends to come with you (with clean hands because there are no utensils!!) please try it. 👌🏼🙌🏼

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