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The One With The Nduja

by Purezza - Vegan Pizza Camden


4.55 (11)

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13 August 2022
Amazing in any way!

Cheese is so rich and flavourful, sausage is incredibly tasty and #nduja too! Yellow tomatoes are sweet and they can balance other flavours. This #pizza is definitely spicy but not too hot

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19 September 2020
Amazing pizza!!

Hot and spicy and super yummy. Purezza get it right every time. 💯

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24 March 2022

Spicy and delicious!! This has a real kick to it, but I love the white base and vegan naduja and saussage clumps. The waitress even gave me foil to wrap up left overs to take in my small bag because the pizza box for leftovers wouldn't fit .. the restaurant seems to be subtlety vegan so the normies try it though?

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16 February 2021
This was gorgeous.

We ordered pizza on valentines day and the heart shape was such a lovely surprise. I'm not usually too keen on white based pizzas but Purezza just always get it right! This was topped with nduja, crumbled (Cumberland-y style) sausage, yellow tomatoes, peppers and chilli...

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18 August 2020
Not my favourite Purezza pizza but definitely enjoyed it, the cheese as always was amazing

and the Nduja chunks had such a nice flavour

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24 January 2022
Absolutely stunning, my new favourite pizza place!

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26 June 2021
Best Vegan pizza in the city.

Great taste, respectful to italian tradition. An accessible dish that easily replace in every aspect animal-based pizzas. To be tried, especially by non-vegans!

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11 February 2023
Molto buona, anche se un po’ troppo piccante per i miei gusti - consiglio di provarla

e dividerla con qualcunə, perché dopo qualche fetta il sapore piccante può stufare.

Ingredienti: White base with Mozzella, yellow tomatoes, green chillis, nduja, crumbled sausages and chilli flakes.

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27 June 2021
Yes yes yes gorgeous pizzas, so much choice of toppings it was hard to choose!!

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