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  • The One And Only, Parmigiana Party
  • The One And Only, Parmigiana Party

The One And Only, Parmigiana Party

by Purezza - Vegan Pizza Camden


4.42 (37)

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25 January 2022
I know this is a well-loved dish here and I hate to speak poorly

of a vegan pizzeria but I honestly hated this. The toppings were wet and tasted only of salt. I just did not enjoy...

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2 October 2021
Incredible vegan pizzeria in Camden, it was so so so good!

Super soft sourdough, you can choose wholegrain, gluten-free or hemp!! I got hemp sourdough, amazing, and my all time favourite pizza, the parmigiana with eggplants and cheesy topping. #veganisnotscary

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11 September 2021
I’d wanted to go to Purezza for the longest time, I’d never tried their pizza

until now but had been hearing amazing things for years… They did NOT disappoint! This is “proper” pizza with super fresh, flavourful toppings and really high quality vegan cheese. I love how wonky and kinda messy their pizzas...

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14 December 2020
Very very good pizza.

Great base, some of the best vegan cheese around and I love the nooch on top x

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4 August 2020

What can I say?! This was so tasty! Some of the best pizza...

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23 October 2021
I’ve tried another pizza from Purezza.

This is the “parmigiana” but It’s not a #veganized version of the traditional recipe, unfortunately. It’s not too bad overall.


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24 June 2022
We came back to Purezza to try more pizzas 🍕 a really nice one but

maybe not my favourite. I chose the hemp dough, tasty aubergine and a perfect combination with the tomato sauce.

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21 December 2019
Man oh man, what can I say about this dish???

If you haven’t been to Purezza, please do it asap! Definitely best pizza, or one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had the joy of eating. This is their ‘pizza of the year’ and I can see, or taste, why.

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9 November 2021
One of the best vegan pizza I have ever tried.

With tomato base with smoked mozzarella, aubergine parmigiana, crumbled sausages, topped with a dusting of nutritional yeast

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