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The Margherita One

by Purezza - Vegan Pizza Camden


4.65 (31)

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19 May 2020
I dream of Purezza!

They make their own cheese and the dough is unbelievable. A perfect margherita 😋

(Banging dough balls in the background!)

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6 April 2021
The best vegan pizza I’ve ever eaten in my life.

I used to go to Purezza often when I lived in Brighton and I felt in love with this restaurant. This pizza is perfect.

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25 July 2022
Under £7!

I couldn’t believe when I saw the price and it’s so good. Worth the hype

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15 July 2022
this pizza was INCREDIBLE.

honestly one of my fave pizzas ever. soo incredibly good

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13 August 2020
The best pizza place I had ever been!

Totally amazing! Must go!

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2 June 2020
I usually always get the rice based mozzarella on top of this pizza but decided

to get cheddar this time. Such a great decision. The cheese was melted all over and helped as an extra dip for leftover crusts 🍅🧀

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12 September 2021
Such a great pizza and even better service here.

Highly recommend the garlic dip

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20 June 2021
Can't go wrong with a margarita pizza!

This was delicious!

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17 July 2022
This was fresh, big and affordable.

The cheese is home grown.

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21 May 2022
This one was the delicious margarita pizza I have ever had.


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