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by Purezza - Vegan Pizza Camden


4.33 (6)

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2 June 2019
This lasagna was delicious...I would definitely order it again!

I didn’t taste the bechamel part, but it was really good!

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24 October 2021
I really enjoyed this dish, lovely flavour, but a little dry.

I personally like a lot of sauce, but enjoyment was not diminished by it. Lovely restaurant serving pizzas and other Italian dishes. I would happily go there...

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16 March 2022
So good!

But their pizzas are even better. Would highly recommend to try the pesto one.

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22 March 2020
This dish was AMAZING!

❤️ Some of the best lasagna ever... 😍 #uplandspeak

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27 December 2019

Is just as good as the pizzas are. Purezza are amazing just wish there were more chains in the uk.

13 November 2021
I was really excited to try this and I don't know if it just

didn't travel well as it was ordered on deliveroo but this was not great. The pizzas are unbelievable so I was expecting great things but I thought this was bland and not even the textures were very nice imo

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