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3.90 (6)

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9 July 2021
I absolutely love garlic bread and this did not disappoint.

All round great flavour and the vegan cheese at purezza is amazing so this is a great dish.

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7 September 2021
My sister had this and I tried a little bit.

I really like the taste of the #mozzarella they use, and the #sourdough was delicious. There were large pieces of #garlic and rosemary and on the top which I didn’t mind, but my sister didn’t like that. It was slightly smaller than I was expecting for...

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15 July 2022
i didn't like this garlic bread at all.

it was super greasy and the rosemary flavor was really overpowering. wouldn't get this again

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17 July 2022
This was oily, greasy, and tasted like rosemary.

I didn’t taste any garlic, we couldn’t finish this.

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9 November 2021
Garlic bread, loaded with cheese, fresh garlic and rosemary.

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7 October 2020
This was a really tasty side to the pizza.

Nice garlic and rosemary flavour and the cheese was nicely melted onto the bread. There were large raw chunks of garlic which was slightly weird, and maybe not needed- but they did add to the texture.

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15 March 2022
Un sogno, morbido, saporito, cotto alla perfezione.

Con aglio, burro vegetale e rosmarino. Servito caldissimo, ideale da condividere mentre si aspettano le magnifiche pizze

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