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Curry Mei Fun

by Pure Kitchen - Vegan Restaurant


4.56 (5)

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15 July 2021
I loved these rice noodles.

The tofu was perfectly cooked as well!

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14 April 2023
First of all, I LOVE Pure Kitchen.

They make massive portions of food from scratch and then split it up into individual meal-prep some boxes for people to take home and reheat (unless it's meant to be eaten cold or as is). They have some other items as well such as sides and desserts. Almost everything I eat there is 5...

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16 April 2020
Really tasty, nutritious and ready to pick-up!

Love it

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7 October 2021
The curry was a great amount of spice and even mixed throughout with rice noodles

and tender veggies and crispy tofu that hit the spot 🎯 I will definitely will return here when I am in the area again! #veganisnotscary

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17 August 2021
This is my go-to when I’m at Pure Kitchen.

It’s awesome to be able to have a gluten-free noodle dish that has tons of flavor.

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