Black Magic Pizza

4.53 (3)

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Most helpful reviews

White pizza, truffles, white sauce, basil. Perfection. The crust is thin but soft.

I’ve been wanting to try this place for a long time! This Black Magic pizza

is a KILLER! All kinds of mushrooms + black truffle cream sauce, you know what it tastes like🤍🖤🤍 Best pizza in town!

(V) “Ricotta, mozzarella, crimini mushroom, black truffle cream sauce, pesto, micro basil.” Again not PV

but technically PV Pizzeria next door. We liked this more than the DeRose but also a bit $$ for a pizza. I’m also typically looking for some kind of protein on a pizza but that’s in short supply here since everything is housemade.

This is one of the pizzas that I continue to order when I go to

Pura Vita. It’s a unique pizza to order and is great for people who like white sauce based pizza and/or truffle. Make sure you like mushrooms because there are a lot of them! 🍄

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