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Another 10/10 for Privé! They’ve not only managed to successfully replicate the taste of a

Sausage McMuffin but also brought back all my fond memories of breakfast at McDonald’s (before I read Fast Food Nation 🍟😵😖). I’m lovin’ this value for money Happy Meal complete with golden hash browns, made with quality ingredients, but minus the horrors of the meat-packing industry. If only it came with a toy or the option to upsize (ok I added avo to mine so I guess that counts) hahaha 😉

#veganisnotscary day 17

This is a plant based sausage muffin where the sausage patty is vegan in origin.

It also contains Vegan Cheese, Hasbrown, English muffin and Vegan Mayo. This is a fully vegan platter with generous help of greens. Although I liked the taste, I thought the burger was a little bit dry. The patty had a very nice peppery taste and it was quite enjoyable.

I liked that the dish came with a salad and hashbrowns which were both good.

But I wasn’t impressed with the sausage muffin. They added very little vegan cheese and mayo. Texture was on point but the patty was tasteless.

the sausage patty was overly salty for me :( The cheese wasn’t as melty as

I’d hoped, and I couldn’t really taste it! The hash browns were fine, they looked like normal store bought ones. Overall, it is filling but not the most delectable :(

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