Impossible™ Mini Burgers

  • Is Impossible™ Mini Burgers vegan? Yes! Impossible™ Mini Burgers is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

ImpossibleTM meat patty, caramelised onions, garlic mayonnaise, vegan cheese sauce


garlic and onion


garlic and onion

About the restaurant

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Most helpful reviews

@helmos always gets this as a side or starter when we go to Privé and

I always steal one ;) They are juicy, soft, greasy, melty and the perfect size #burger

Three tiny but so delicious sliders each with an impossible patty, caramelised onion and vegan

cheese e sauce. Perfect appetiser!

Generous patty, cooked to "medium rare" appearance in the middle 😅 cheese and caramelised onions

were yummy. A little too salty at the bottom of the patty though. Overall a filling side.

Burgers had caramelized onion and vegan cheese which tasted good however the patty was very


So tasty, could do with a bit more satay sauce though! I absolutely love Prive,

they make it so easy for people with dietary requirements and allergies to eat at their restaurants.

I finally get to try the Impossible meat. You won't tell you are eating plant-based

with this. The texture is so close to the real one. It is so juicy. The satay flavor is not so creamy and I find it a bit bland. #crfsg

Not too bad. Regular mini sliders with a good amount of the Impossible patty. The

cheese they used was good! Overall pretty tasty, just felt a little dry #veganuary

Was a little disappointed that it tasted like green bean but understand now that impossible

really depends on the Chef's ability. #crf

It’s ‘impossible’. What more do I need to say? It tastes just like beef, juicy

and tasty and makes u crave for more ;) #veganisnotscary

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