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This was very earthy and had a strong beetroot taste. Only for those who enjoy

the smell/taste of beetroot.

It has a very unique taste and I loved it but it’s the kind of

taste not everybody loves. The earthy beetroot taste is very strong so only take it if you like that. :) But nice to try something different.

This was captured moments before a certain someone didn’t like her drink as much as

mine and wanted a swapsies. Guess she really beet me with this power move 😂

In all honestly I love beetroot juice (I may be 22 years young but I just be like that ) and soy milk. Mix the two together and you get this drink! Would have got it hot but who even gets hot drinks in the Singaporean heat like 🤷🏽‍♂️. But in all seriousness I would have loved a stronger beetroot flavor (it was very earthy but I like my things strong). Like the mountain strong (GOT fans where we at), but this should be strong enough for non beet lovers. The soy flavor was there and it was fairly smooth as it may come as a surprise to some. But would I order this again? Possibly if they can add an extra shot of beetroot 😜

The drink itself is still very good if you too a beetroot fan like yours truly, just as an individual would have a preferred a stronger beetroot taste. 7/10 would recommend :) also paper straw for that eco friendly vibe so rlly 8/10 would recommend

This beetroot latte got me super happy 🌺 I was afraid it would taste artificial

but it actually tastes like wholesome earthy beetroot, and pairs quite well with soy milk. I don’t know whether or not it was sweetened but I found the sweetness of the drink to be just right. The foam on the top is so enjoyable! Not so sure I would have this again but this nice unusual experience was certainly worth the $6 ++ in my opinion! 🤗

More on the pricey side for me, roughly $6.50 for a small cup, but I

liked it!

It's creamy, thick, and not too sweet. The earthy taste of the beetroot is there, and it goes well with the sweet cranberry cookie it came with.

Made me want to try making my own beetroot soy latte at home 🥰

So this is an interesting one: beetroot latte. I had to try! I swapped the

soy milk with oat milk. It was very interesting to say the least. 5 stars for originality and presentation, however the taste was not disgusting but also not super nice.

Ordered by my dining partner. Was told that it contains pure beetroot purée. Had a

sip and my goodness, the beetroot taste was very strong and pure. Personally don’t really like it as I am unable to take the strong taste of beetroot but would highly recommend if you like beetroot very much!

Not sure why I didn’t expect this, but it tastes like beetroot with a bit

of soy milk in it. I Guess because I wasn’t expecting it to all natural and clean. Love it!

Love that it is pink! A great drink to start the day in place

of coffee... well I try. Let’s see if I crave for my kopi o later. Simply love the colour haha.

Beetroot in a cup. 🥺💕 This tastes so earthy. Perfect for all beetroot lovers 😆

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