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by POTs


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6 October 2020
Egyptian food in Las Vegas! Yum!

This small restaurant in Las Vegas is a must try.

The food is absolutely delicious and flavorful and the staff is kind and helpful. We had never had Egyptian food before so weren’t sure what to order. The courteous lady behind the counter suggested getting a platter because it had a little bit of lots of things on it. We took her recommendation and got the “Just a platter” along with an appetizer of the falafel samosas drizzled with roasted red pepper sauce. Yum! Everything was great. The samosas were wonderful, like light and crunchy pillows of deliciousness. Their hummus is amazingly smooth. Their baba ganoush is slightly smoky. The falafel is yummy and the cauliflower shawarma is genius. Absolutely amazing. The small pita breads are so good, we went back for another side order of them.
Since the food was so good, we decided to try a dessert. We decided on the Konafa Cup. It turned out to be a great choice. I guess you could call it a pudding of sorts, but that would be a stretch. It was mostly toasted coconut with other stuff and a small bit of pudding. We loved it. Not too sweet and unlike anything we have had before.

I found myself wishing they had a location where we live, since were only visiting Vegas. We will definitely be coming back for lunch again before we leave

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