Vegan risotto with asparagus

3.00 (2)

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At Fennel Café (former Pollen Terrace). Tbh this dish had only a dull taste to

me 😕 -and I was not impressed by its presentation. Probably because I enjoyed the Baked Pumpkin dish so much that this one tasted flat to me.

Compared to the Baked Pumpkin dish (which is an absolute go-to in my opinion, made a review on it), this one seemed way below my expectations. BUT if you like mild flavours, you should definitely try it!!

Perks: did you know that if you become Friend of the Gardens (annual membership), you get 50% off on their menu at lunch/dinner on weekdays? I got it and it’s really worth it!

Most filling dish on the menu. You get to walk around the beautiful flowerdome afterwards.

Beautiful setting

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