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Apologies for the really bad pic 😩It was so awesome I forgot to take one

until I was almost finished! This dish was a special that became so popular they added it to the regular menu. Super crispy battered eggplant fillets served with tartar sauce, seasoned fries and lemon.

I never had fish and chips before going #vegan, so I was #intrigued! It was

not bad and the batter was #tasty.

The only thing with this was that it was a #friedfiest it was soooooo greasy and fried. The fries AND the fried eggplant... #yikes it was too much for me and I quickly felt sick.

There also was so much batter, I just felt like I was eating #batter

It was described as eggplant battered with fries. So the main #ingredient was eggplant, which is so unique 🍆

It was $15. It was a lot of food. I brought the fries home from Jesse and he #airfried them. The #fries were #limp and flavorless. I held up a fry and it drooped lol so #airfrying them at home was a must.

Probs won't come back here except to get their nachos. The service also took a long time, considering there was only 1 other table filled in the restaurant...

Great taste, just an awful cost for what you get. If you get double the

fish, this might be worth ordering more than once. You're basically paying $15 for a fried eggplant and some fries; I'm not sure how they justify this price, especially since you're guaranteed to be hungry after eating this. It was nice to eat something that reminds me of real fish and chips!

The dine in experience at Planted has always been kind of questionable, but it's been downright awful since they moved to Locke. I don't know anyone who actually enjoys dining in here.

They have the most sustainable takeout options (container deposit program).

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