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14 September 2023
This was a really interesting concept, executed well.

The Spineosaurus contains roast butternut, caramelised onion,

(vegan) feta, avo and toasted pumpkin seeds. Swapping dairy for vegan cheese is free which is awesome! Unfortunately the onion wasn’t prominent (it was under the cheese and didn’t seem particularly caramelised) - which I was most excited about - so that was a little disappointing. But besides for that this was a really good pizza!

The cheese was really tasty, the avo and butternut were flavourful and fresh and the pumpkin seeds added a lovely earthiness and crunch to the pizza. I think the caramelised onion on top would have taken it to the next level though.

This was a large and cost R125.

We had an incredible time at Pizzasaurus! 🍕🦕 The place itself is beautiful with lots of plants, fairy lights and a beautiful mural in the outside area (second and third photos). The service was super friendly too! I’m already excited to go back and would recommend that you give it a go if you haven’t yet. Pizzasaurus is a fully vegetarian/vegan restaurant 🙌🏼

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Roasted butternut, caramelized onion, avo, toasted pumpkin seeds. Free vegan cheese swap and swapped the

feta for garlic. Really great pizza!

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