Pita Falafel Sandwich

  • Is Pita Falafel Sandwich vegan? Yes! Pita Falafel Sandwich is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.60 (8)

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Most helpful reviews

i’ll call this a cacophony of sauces! a blend of hummus, tahini and something yellowey!

Delicious and filling pita sandwich! Everything was made fresh to order and you can definitely

taste that. Falafel was very flavourful and moist, and the pita is insanely soft. Wish I could have this every day!

The boss was in today too and he was extremely friendly. I'll be back :)

Pita Sandwich With Falafel, Salad & Tahini (aka Fill Free) ($10) 🧆

The serving was quite

substantial — I think there were six or more falafels in this?? :O If you opt for the spicy version, there will be amba (spicy mango pickle) and harissa too 🌮

This place has the best falafels in SG! :’) Crunchy yet non-oily + super soft & moist on the inside :’) Can imagine this tasting even better if the pita came warm with a touch of hummus! :’)

Perfectly soft falafels with a generous serving of veggies and sauce. Either the sauce of

veggies were a tad too sour for my liking but still a solid meal/snack overall. Got 2 sandwiches for $9 with Burpple so it was a really good deal!

Finally tried the pita and falafels here! Gotta say, its worth the hype. Pita is

really light and fluffy whilst the falafels are fried again to order. The accompaniment of veges and sauces were amazing. Price is a bit steep but would definitely be back.

Yummy. The bread was so fresh and soft. Delicious Spicy sauce. Fresh falafel. 100% vegan.

What is not to love. Can’t believe I only just found this place. Will be back to taste the rest.

Lots of falafel balls. Happy to see the wholemeal peta bread. I can’t believe the

place has been there so many years and I had never gone there.

I couldn't get a seat here at 3.30pm and had to do takeaway, guess it's

popular huh 🥲 That's alright though, when I have a view like this one to come back to 😉 The #falafel was the best part, with the fluffy #pita a close second.

I said #spicy was okay and they piled it in, yet didn't bother to actually spread out the good stuff so I had to put up with six bites of insipidness for every bite of hellish fire 😬 I also tended to get mouthfuls of salad and mouthfuls of falafel. The staff grunt at you when you walk in, and do everything possible to make you feel like they're doing you a favour by taking your order (which they hand to you without making eye contact or saying anything). Vegans are angsty, unfriendly people apparently - yay! 😒

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