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Pita Chips

by Pita Bakery


4.54 (19)

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27 February 2021
Nice, crunchy, not-so-oily and well-spiced.

You don't need any dipping sauce since it is savoury enough to be eaten on its own. #abillionlove

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17 September 2020
Saw this on @ravi-gopalan's feed and decided to give it a try!

The place is so quaint and their pitas were so fresh! I especially loved these chips and the spices that they were coated in...they were crispy on the outside and so soft on the inside! #pita

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12 December 2021
The mixed platter came with crispy fried pita sticks & two (unpictured) pita pockets of

any flavour of our choice. 🫓 We got the za’tar and ragu, which had nicely warm & toasted bottoms and were sold a la carte for an extra dollar each, but we all nevertheless preferred the soft & fluffy original pita pockets. ☁️ The spices on the za’tar and ragu couldn’t actually be distinctly tasted, so we’d recommend going for the original...

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7 September 2020
How i loved these.very innovative.the herbs added to the the flavor so well

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11 May 2021
$3 I think for one whole pita!

deep fried and seasoned with their in house seasoning:D bought this home for Mother’s Day and the queen loved it! though she said it was a little hard (heated it up in the air fryer two hours after I got it), some are like bricks HAHA but the whole family really enjoyed it anyway. the seasoning was a lil too salty tho tbh

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19 February 2021
These pita chips are to die for!!

Who would’ve thought that fried pita bread would be so divine?

Definitely get this when you visit Pita Bakery

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25 December 2021
😍😍😍 I prefer this to fries.

I don’t think I need to say more.

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15 November 2019
We didn't know about their pita chips.

🍟 They are brought to us on the house. 🎉 🎊 These pita chips are made from slices of pita bread, baked to crispy texture, seasoned with mixed herbs and served in a wooden bowl. All their food are actually served in individual wooden bowls and...

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