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by Pine Tree Cafe


4.18 (10)

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30 April 2022
I was super excited to try this after reading the reviews.

But slightly disappointed after tasting it actually. This is def not the best Mala I’ve ever eaten. It’s damn...

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20 September 2021
This cost $12 and although not that cheap it tasted really good!

You can't choose the ingredients you want in it but the mix they have provided was perfect and we'll balanced!

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22 April 2020
This is one of the better mala dishes that I’ve had!!

It’s so full of flavour!! The only downside I find is that you can’t choose the ingredients that go into it. I’d much prefer being able to choose.

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1 April 2020
this is sooo worth itt!!

their 1 pax portion is only $10 but the portion is SOO HUGE can actl eat 2-3 pax!! their middle spiciness is not too spicy and i love their potatoes its so soft and well-cooked!! overall is super delicious but the mock mushroom meat not really to my liking heheh🤪

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22 October 2019
Great Mala dish but I would suggest sharing this as the smallest portion could feed

two people!

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18 May 2019
Ordered medium spiciness however was not spicy enough.

Should have ordered the most spicy version of it. Haha. Overall it was really...

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12 November 2022
Best mala experience on a rainy day.

What else could you Ask for ?

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28 June 2019
The mala was good but it was a tad too spicy even though I ordered

小辣. The price of mala xiang guo was a little too expensive compared to 日日火锅.

13 June 2019
Was craving so badly for mala that I thought of here.

Third time back and it’s still my favourite place for vegan food!!

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30 June 2018
Mala virgin try!!

Xiao la was really la, maybe cause I don’t really eat spicy. Aftertaste, my tongue was still numb like what it advertise HAHA Overall it was a good!!! ps. favourite vegan stall at fortune centre also, told uncle it was spicy for me, and he got me vinegar 😗

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