Veggie Tofu Pho

🥀 The Veggie Tofu Pho is a nutritious and flavorful dish that consists of a mix of fresh vegetables and savory tofu in a rich broth. The noodles in the soup provide a delightful texture that complements the overall taste. Some customers have mentioned that it's a filling and satisfying meal option. 🍲

3.90 (2)

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Most helpful reviews

I love a pho restaurant that offers a veggie tofu pho! You just ask for

veggie broth. This picture has extra tofu and veggies cuz I order it that way as I want a lot lol. Delicious!

An okay pho but nothing stand out. It tastes like they are using packaged pho

broth in the back which includes flavour enhancers and not fresh brewed broth. Vegetables were not as fresh as I’d have liked. Fine.

This was the medium size and it was plenty of food.

A warning: the menu, despite listing this as vegetarian offers this pho with chicken, beef or veggie broth. Kind of annoying that you could accidentally have it be non-vegan if you aren’t careful.


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