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  • pasticcini vegani

pasticcini vegani

by Pasticceria Caffetteria Larocca


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26 January 2023
I can’t describe the joy when I found about them on Instagram 😊 There

are never too many vegan bakeries around 🥰 La rocca is not fully vegan, the vegan section is still quite small in comparison but as bar dolcezza has proved, with the right demand that can be easily changed 😜 So from tomorrow I want to see every single one of you there for brekkie 😊

The sweets were nice. Some super sweet 🙈 others just perfect 👌 next time I’m planning on trying the cakes...

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11 November 2022
E per concludere il mio compleanno in bellezza sono andata a prendere i pasticcini ovviamente

vegani alla pasticceria caffetteria Larocca a Busto Arsizio 

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28 November 2022
Questa pasticceria offre una vasta scelta di piccola pasticceria classica e moderna, ma 100% vegetale.

Cannoncini alla crema, mini sacher, frolle alla frutta e con mousse di vari sapori. Freschissimi, buonissimi e anche molto curati nella presentazione.

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11 November 2022
E se hai voglia di dolce vai alla pasticceria Larocca a Busto Arsizio a prendere

parte vegane

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