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Most helpful reviews

A simple yet delightful sweet treat. It's a waffle made with almond milk, topped with

sliced bananas and maple syrup - modest but delicious and well priced too. Thank you Panarottis! #pigsnpaws

This was really good and a really nice surprise cos no-one does vegan waffles if

they aren't a vegan restaurant.

A bit gummy and not cooked well but tasted okay. Wish it had icecream on

top. Oh well at least it's priced reasonably ! #greyton

A vegan dessert on the menu, YAY!!! It’s made with almond milk.

Fluffy and light

waffle. It’s quite big, I could not finish it after my pizza. I could have done with just a dash more male syrup, but I still enjoyed it!

Absolutely worth a try.

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