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Ahhh I miss having this when I was an NTU student. Very delicious bibimbap, so

happy that they have vegetarian/vegan options and not just omitting meat and egg! Such yummy sweet and savoury marinated tofu. The whole mix with fresh veggies is very delicious and nourishing. I ended up putting too much gochujang chilli sauce and was very spicy lol. The kimchi is nice and vegan. The soup is vegan as well. It was very mild, some may find it too bland but I like the mild clean healthy taste. Contains soy bean sprouts and recalling it makes me drool already haha.

one of the best bibimbaps in a non-veg eatery!!w tasty tofu and generous servings :-D

a classic dish to eat when you’re socially eating out with your non-veg friends 😋

love the combination of ingredients!


$7.50 for a huge huge portion!!!! omg this was so good. the tofu was well

marinated and kind of reminded me of fish cake? and they were really generous with the toppings and all the veggies were really good and fresh. kimchi that came along with it was also not too spicy but also really nice! the sauce also was a lil sweet and spicy and really nice mixed in together with the kimchi! entire bowl felt really fresh and made me really happy hehe. portion was pretty big as well! the soup at the side just tasted like bean sprouts which I honestly liked so hehe very worth!!

$7.50! asked for less rice because I know it’s super filling HAHA ever since I

ate this a year ago I’ve been thinking about it:” the tofu was so soft and marinated in this wonderfully flavourful sauce, and all the veggies were fresh and cooked perfectly with a tinge of sesame oil! loved the gochujang sauce as it adds a whole other dimension to the dish that I highly recommend:D the soup was also really comforting, added a touch of sweet and salty to everything!! but I felt that the quality dropped a little though, not as good and flavorful as I remembered it to be:”( but would still get it again!!

Marinated Tofu bibimbap is the only vegan selection on the menu of Paik’s Bibim. The

gochujang 고추장 sauce is highly addictive! I think I drizzled more than it should have ‘cause it was that good 😍 the bean sprout soup that comes with the dish is also vegan.

This is actually my all time fav bibim! All the dish components are really tasty,

especially the tofu. The kimchi is vegetarian as well (but not the soup) and really good!

Not many vegan options in their menu, they just recently took out d mushroom dish.

But this dish was good. simple. tasty. got character n body. jus go crazy with d gravy it wil be good! comes with side soup too wth decent condiments.

Love this dish. Tasty and very filling. The hot sauce is the best.

its nice!! comes with side dishes & soup as well!!

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