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OMG these hummus' are amazing! We ordered extra pitta bread just to finish them all.

My favourite was the red capsicum hummus, it was sweet and so creamy! The regular hummus was also exceptional and the beetroot one had great flavour. The falafel are good for dipping too but the pitta bread was just awesome, quite plain but just the right crispiness! So, so, so good! 😋😋😋

There's only one dip on this platter that's not vegan. The others (hummus, pumpkin, beetroot

and almond dip) were amazing! This was a perfect sharing platter for a medium-sized group.

This dish contains three dips, falafel balls, and pitta bread. The falafel are nice and

moist with a cripsy outer, they are great dipped in the regular hummus. The pitta bread is soft and has lots of flavour, its great dipped in any of the dips but my favourite was the capsicum and almond dip (orange one). The beetroot and walnut dip has a very strong flavour which goes well with the pitta bread but this was not my favourite. Overall a great sharing starter for 2-3 people. 😋

Very delicious platter. Nice soft pita bread. My mom & I enjoyed the beetroot walnut

dip a lot! I wish the feta cheese wasn’t fried though. But price wise, I wouldn’t pay $22 for it - a bit too steep in my opinion - $15-17 would’ve made more sense.

The platter came with three dips, falafels and pita bread. I absolutely loved the hummus

though the falafels were a bit dry. It’s also a really filling dish even though it’s supposed to be a starter 🤭

The waiter brings it to your table and you can instantly see the bright colours

of the tomatoes tantalize you. One of the best pita breads in town. Unfortunately, the falafels were a bit dry. A tad bit costly but definitely try it out, it's a place to go for celebrations!

Entirely unoriginal and not great value, it redeems itself mildly because the dips - hummus,

tzatziki, beetroot and pumpkin - are pretty good.

Love this platter but the hummus was my fave! The falafels are a bit too

dry for my liking.

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