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very tasty!! :)) the waffle was super soft and had the perfect amount of sweetness,

1% drier than a normal waffle but that’s how i like it LOL paired, perfectly with the maple syrup (obviously)…i was highkey INTIMIDATED by the color at first (looks a little blueish/green, more so in person), but it didn’t really change the taste or anything so we’re good
as the for the chicken, it definitely has the taste down, i was super surprised by that- but the texture could definitely use some improvement in regards to “chicken accuracy”…tbh since i don’t really care much about that and just want the food to be good, i’m personally not taking points away for that
decent atmosphere and super sweet staff, the waitresses that i met genuinely seemed to be enjoying their time there which is always great to see
i also ordered a side of hash browns + tofu scramble, but i forgot to take pictures :( the hash browns weren’t extraordinary, but yk they’re potatoes so they’re obviously gonna be good
my mom really liked the tofu scramble and she said it reminded her of some chinese dish and i would have to agree with her overall opinion bc it was probably one of the best tofu scrambles ive ever had- it really seems like real eggs, the texture is just amazing and with the usage of black salt??? perfection! super impressed overall :)

This was delicious!! The waffle and chicken were both really good, excellent taste and texture.

I think they forgot my maple syrup though 😭

This is my daughter’s favorite breakfast/brunch place in Portland...we go there every time we are

visiting. Everything is great, but I loved their housemade Chikn & Waffles (this is the spicy version). The texture is great! So nice for vegans to enjoy some crunchy fried chikn! The waffles are made with blue corn...I’m getting hungry writing this review!

This amazing waffle combines sweet and savory in a very satisfying way! Such a great

vegan version! (The little toy chicken didn’t come with it.)

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