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Beyond Burger

by Oasis Restaurant


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16 June 2019
I tried the beyond beef burger at Grand Hyatt Oasis. Well.. I'm not sure what

to say about this.

My friend told me that their beyond sausage is much better than the burger, but I wanted to try this first and get it over with. I've had the beyond curried beef pizza at pizza express before and I liked it for someone who doesn't really like the texture of actual meat. Because of that I thought I might like the burger too, but wasn't quite impressed. Maybe because it's made for people who used to eat meat and turned vegan for the cause or as an alternative for those who still eat meat, which I really appreciate! 🙏 They are doing a great job mimicking the meat and I hope they will continue to do so to create a better planet for all.

I might give this another go at a different place also confirm my decision. Will let you know if it changes 😊

Let me know if your thoughts if you've had it.

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