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Menu brunch, including a cold drink (orange juice, lemonade or tea of the day), a

warm drink (coffee, half coffee half milk, hot chocolate or tea), a scone with butter or jam, a slice of cake of the day, a toast with either cheese, ham, butter or jam and finally either yogurt (granola and fresh fruit) or porridge (banana and cinnamon) or pancakes, fresh fruit chocolate and roasted almonds.
I've opted for the cheese toast, fresh orange juice perfect for any morning, white bread with very tasty cheese, a very sweet and delicious hot chocolate, a peach jam scone, very light. The pancakes are light, the chocolate is very nice, leaving just enough room for the chocolate and orange cake which had just been baked. Plenty of food, great value and you can enjoy the company of gorgeous and friendly beautiful cats.

This time I tried the yoghurt with granola and fresh fruit. So tasty, fruity and

light. I was assured by the staff that everything on the menu is vegan.

Everything is super tasty! The scone has a lemony ring to it, which is really

nice. I really recommend it!!

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