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Sensory explosion! This gorgeous bowl consists of mainly raw veg, with the most delishhh toppings

and sauces. I could live off this if I had to! #greyton

All the food from Nourish’d is a sensory delight, packed with nutrition and busting with

fresh wholesome flavor. My favorite spot #greyton

I’ve been enjoying moonshine bowls for years, since the Obs store opened as work was

around the corner.

Love this bowl ~ I ended up ordering it as a few other things were sold out (which is somewhat frustrating during peak lunch hour)

A squeeze of fresh lemon adds a lovely zing. I really enjoy being able to taste different elements within a dish & this bowl has a little bit of everything. The falafel are always good.

Obsessed with this bowl. It’s mostly raw veg and super healthy but unbelievably filling AND

SO TASTY!!! Falafel, avo, turmeric hummus, kimchi, spiralized carrot and zucchini, rocket, kale, micro greens, raw almonds + toasted mixed seeds, olive oil basil vinaigrette.

Love love love this! So nutrient and super yummy if you like that kimchi flavour

This moonshine bowl from Nourish'd looked absolutely beautiful and was a decent portion size. The

falafel balls are great (though it would be better if you got more than 2 of them)

The moonshine bowl was one of the best Buddha style bowls I have experienced. It

was extremely tasty and so very filling. Everything was cooked and flavoured to perfection.

The falafel bowls were quite dry, but they had a nice herbed flavour. There are

a lot of different flavours in the bowl, but quite delicious overall.

Was amazing ! Loved the exotic mushrooms , did take a bit long though

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