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Temptation Satay Burger

by nomVnom Bistro


4.28 (41)

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21 August 2022
Their tempeh patty is about my favourite patty so far 🍔 apologies for the bad

picture I packed it to a picnic at night and it was all dark. I love how savoury the tempeh is, I think it is marinated and fried. Satay sauce was nice and wasn't really...

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30 December 2021
A yummy burger 🍔 the highlight is definitely the tempeh patty which is soooo delicious

and marinated to perfection!!!! The satay sauce was nice and not too spicy, it was rated one 🌶 #veganisnotscary 🍔

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8 September 2020
Think this might be one of my fav burgers here - great flavours in the tempeh

with the perfect ‘satay peanut sauce’ and a nice crunch from the crispy stuff!

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25 June 2021
the tempeh has a nice bite and i really like that the satay sauce has

peanut bits in it!! glad they had cucumber slices and lettuce too :"D

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11 March 2020
It's a really good deal, the burger, the side and the tea 👌 it's not

their best burger, dry and not spicy as claimed. NomVnom overwhelms you with options, it's a must go!

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10 July 2020
nomVnom's burgers are decent, cheap and unique burgers!

The tempeh and sauce taste great. It's not as good as Hans Im Glück's or Love Handle Burgers' ones but for the price, very worth it!

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4 April 2021
Brought my mother to have dinner her.

She ordered the otak burger while I got the Satay burger. The taste of the Satay is amazing. The otak burger can never come close to it in terms of...

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13 March 2020
I swapped the bun for a charcoal one at just a dollar!

I absolutely love tempeh so this burger, with the addition of satay sauce was so palatable. I also ordered my burger with a side of mixed sweet potato fries, coconut water, and a purple sweet potato smoothie for dessert.

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11 January 2021
$15.90 for the set!!

ooo this was very nice hehe. the burger buns were so soft and fluffy I loved it!!!! there were cucumbers inside the burger that added a very very nice crunch and refreshing feel to it...

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21 January 2022
enjoyed this set as a whole for $16.90!!

not too spicy and tempeh was flavourful with the thick sauce 👍🏼 fries have changed from thick cut to thin cut but it’s still pretty crispy so i’m not complaining 🥰

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