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Price: $8.90

Used to eat at nomVnom every other week 3-4 years back since my

tuition centre was conveniently across the street. I usually ordered the Otah Otah burger, which was my all-time favourite, but they were no where to be found on the menu today :(

I went for the Temptation Satay Burger instead, my second-favourite alongside the QQ Cheezy burger. I was glad to find that the burger hasn’t changed at all - tempeh patty, satay peanut sauce, cucumber and lettuce. Was quite sweet and crunchy, and very filling!

Their tempeh patty is about my favourite patty so far 🍔 apologies for the bad

picture I packed it to a picnic at night and it was all dark. I love how savoury the tempeh is, I think it is marinated and fried. Satay sauce was nice and wasn't really spicy. This was one of their cheaper burgers for $10.50 (+30 cents for takeaway). A bit sad they increased prices as I already found the prices on the expensive side, especially given a burger is usually not as filling as other mains. I think it's cos of inflation so support them also la.

I had this burger as part of a set with a small drink & salad.

I love tempeh and the satay sauce added a nice kick to it! A chilli rating on the menu would be helpful - I would put it at medium spice, maybe 2 out of 3.
There are only 4 burgers offered as part of a set, and the customer service isn’t very good, lack of communication & lots of self service but thankfully the food is worth a visit

Creative use of tempeh as a patty in a burger, with generous amounts of satay

sauce to enhance the flavours of the tempeh. A healthier alternative to processed burger patties! I like how soft and fluffy the burger buns are too

Tasty burger! The set comes with drink and side salad. You can top up $3

for fries. I wish the restaurant allows the flexibility to top up more for other types of fries on the menu.

Not bad, I really wanna love tempeh but I just don't and this is one

of the few dishes I wouldn't mind having.

This was my first time trying tempeh and it was quite nice! It reminded me

of natto cuz of the soy beans I guess. The burger was nice but wasn’t exactly reminiscent of satay. The cucumbers inside gave it a nice touch! The burgers felt smaller than the ones you’d get from veganburg so getting a side with it is a must. Overall it made for a satisfying vegan burger. #veganuary #veganuary2021 #burger

$15.90 for the set!! ooo this was very nice hehe. the burger buns were so

soft and fluffy I loved it!!!! there were cucumbers inside the burger that added a very very nice crunch and refreshing feel to it hehe. the tempeh was well cooked and had a very nice bit to it, but the flavour was a bit too mild? wasn’t very strong on the satay flavour and could barely taste the satay sauce. barely spicy too!! also because the tempeh is pretty thin compared to the fat fluffy buns, the taste of the tempeh sometimes get covered (I forgot the right word) by the taste of the buns. kinda a pity bc the tempeh was pretty good, quite smoky and nice!! just could do with a bit stronger flavor and marinade. the fries were alright, nothing special and it’s the thick cut kind. salad was nice though!!! I really liked it, very refreshing and the tangy sauce was a 10/10. right balance of sweet and sour hehe. the cold passion fruit lemon tea was interesting HAHA at first I only tasted iced lemon tea but then as we drank it the passion fruit taste came through a little bit stronger. but not bad tho!! #veganuary

A yummy burger 🍔 the highlight is definitely the tempeh patty which is soooo delicious

and marinated to perfection!!!! The satay sauce was nice and not too spicy, it was rated one 🌶 #veganisnotscary 🍔

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