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Most helpful reviews

This taste spicy and sour but is a nice sour taste which can pep you

up !!! I felt good after taking the first sip.

So if really spicy spicy soup is your cup of tea then this is for you.


The spice really gives a KICK to ur tummy yumyumyuym

Recovering but still feeling a tad weak here which makes me crave for soup again!

Another #throwback to the day where I had nomvnom's kimchi soup. I chose this out of the other four options they have because of my love for spicy food. This was definitely a very good choice for me as it was full of umami and pretty spicy too. It was relatively a small bowl which is very suitable to be served as an appetizer or side. It was chock-full of ingredients like tofu, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and of course kimchi! This is not too expensive too and I wouldn't mind getting it again. Good if they have some saltines to be served on the side. #veganisnotscary

If you want something refreshing and spicy to perk up your day, this is the

dish for you. I don't normally enjoy spicy food, but this soup has an addictive quality about it. Hearty chunks of shimeji mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and of course, kimchi. #crfsg

Tasty but small portio. kimchi soup. Nice flavours to try in between burgers perhaps.

Three bowls of spicy kimchi soup in one shot. Love ❤️ it so much.

This song by Joan jett and the black ♥️ hearts describe it:
I hate myself for

loving you.
That is what I am having 2 bowls of it.

Not spicy at all, it is on the sweet side (not even sour!) Nice to

have on a cold, rainy day.

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