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Most helpful reviews

Amazing. Would surely come back again for this! Is it available at bistro?

Nice meatballs that were well flavoured with some spices/herbs and had a meaty bite to

them. Went well with the mayo which I wished there was more of! #veganisnotscary

Brought two of my artistes to nomVNom for a meeting over some snacks and they

were wowed by the taste. One of them said it tasted so like meat. Omni meat also does wonders 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. The dip is light and not creamy as well. All in all the yummy does not feel bloated after vegan food as usual.

Nomvnom nailed these Omnimeat balls. I thoroughly enjoyed them & i loved the herbs which

were mixed in as well. They went very well with the sweet vegan mayo.

Omni-meat has a similar texture to meat but noticeably softer. Flavor is also mild when

compared to meat or other plant based meat like beyond/impossible. Guess that could be a good or bad things depending on how you like your plant meats.

Another dish i try out of curiosity.
Pleasant.Tasty.Delicious too.
Thrs tht nice little crunch feels like from

chopped onions, makes it a nice dish overall. Probably too much to be having with d mala. ooops.

Not a super crispy ball, flavour is on the lighter side~ not sure if this

mayo is different from the truffle fries mayo but i prefer the latter!

Love the texture of the omni meatballs and one of our fav finger food. Goes

really well with the vegan mayonnaise. 👍🏻👍🏻

Super tasty meatballs! The added chestnut and seaweed gives it a different taste to the

usual omnimeat which is great 👌

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