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These are mushroom fritters. They look like the banana fritters that I usually order.


minute you sink your teeth in one of them the juice comes up. So be careful don’t bite too hard or the juice can fly to your shirt or dress !!!

Tasted like mushroom and I particularly enjoy the fritter. Any fried stuff vegan is my best friend.

Verdict : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Love this mushroom fritter! Outside is crispy. Inside is juicy! The juice squirts out… can

u imagine? 🤣

Damn, I honestly though I had already reviewed this from the time I had it

with @waterlily and @herbimetal at one of their other outlets 🧐 The fact I haven’t though means that my backlog dates further than I could’ve possibly imagined! 😱 Far enough too for me to recall that while these #mushroom fritters are nice, they’re not worth their buck. It’s a have it to have it kind of #snack, you know? The innards of the ball are more juicy than I’d like, say as opposed to a mushroom and potato filling, and they squirt when you bite into them.. It’s just that kind of nuisance for a food too big and hot to toss into your mouth as is but leaves too big of a mess if you just wanna bite into it 🤷‍♀️ Really other than that it tastes good and the crust is.. acceptable.

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, whole button mushroom that is well

fried, yummy. I wish they give more than 1 piece of lettuce though then you can wrap them up to eat. $5.50
#veganisnotscary #mushroom #28

$4.90! the ambience was quite nice at night and the candle was so cute HAHA

this was pretty good!! but deep fried so kinda heaty and unhealthy. I think Swiss brown mushrooms were used? and they were INSANELY JUICY like once we bit into it the juice literally exploded, we had to clean up mushroom juice HAHAHAH the batter outside is reallyyyy crispy and added a nice cronch to the soft chewy mushroom hehe. loved it dipped in the chili sauce!! also don’t recommend wrapping the mushroom with the lettuce bc we did that and the batter outside just became soggy and soft :( also pretty pricey tho bc there’s still gst #veganuary

These hot 🥵 bad boys are very tasty. I mean, they’re fried, so of course

they are. Warning though, ⚠️ leave for 2-3 mins after getting them ⚠️ as they are piping hot when they come!
Will for sure get these as a side again!

Deep fried button mushrooms quoted in breadcrumbs. Yes it's probably not the best choice if

you are trying to reduce your oil consumption. But it tastes really good. Wish if the portion size was bigger though.


Not as yummy as I expected somehow... only four mushrooms for $4.90. Felt like it

was missing some kind of oomph? Pretty crispy and not bad. #veganin2020

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