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Most helpful reviews

If you like mushrooms you will enjoy this! Though I’m not a fan of mayo

and truffle the sauce has a tinge of sweetness that i like

Sunsets and vegan pizza is life. Crust was a little hard but all in all

a delightful dish.

A memorable midweek dinner with this monkey king truffle pizza! This was topped with different

types mushrooms, #vegan truffle mayo and cream #cheese 🌝🌝 Nutritional yeast was ofc a MUST! My omnivore friend gave it 5 ⭐️s! This was $17.9 #veganuary #veganuary2021

This pizza was decent and one of the most highly reviewed pizzas from nomVnom online.

I felt like something about the vegan Mayo threw me off a little 😅. Although I didn’t find it mind blowing, it was still a really fragrant and tasty pizza 🍕🍕. Also, a tip for eating at the bistro is to get plenty of tissues before you’ve started eating. The staff refuse to get you tissues even if you need one desperately 😅 #veganuary #pizza

It contains king oyster, white button, and monkey head mushroom. Love the cashew and soya

cream cheese. It is really yummy and savory taste-wise. My only complain is there were remarkably few mushrooms inside. #crfsg

One of my favourites. The variety of savory tastes mixed really well. Really liked the

mayo especially. The chewy texture of the mushrooms and other bites also made this a real treat.


Monkey King Truffle Pizza 🍕 ($17.90)

Made with 3 different types of mushrooms, truffle mayo and

oil, cashew cream cheese, soya cream cheese, nutritional yeast and dried basil! Tasted like an actual meaty, creamy pizza and would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting the place for the first time! A little pricey for portion size, but a must try vegan 🍕 9/10

got this during the 1 for 1 promotion. really enjoyed this flat crust pizza and

the vegan mayo was so good! it’s enough for 2 in my opinion, felt kind of full after eating half. would ask for more sauce next time as the mayo is not evenly spread at the corner pieces.
not as impressive as other vegan pizzas (such as the ones at pizzaexpress, imo one of the best vegan pizzas in sg), but, still delicious and more affordable.

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