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Choco Coco Ice Cream

by nomVnom Bistro


4.20 (9)

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9 January 2021
I’m sure your non vegan friends cannot spot the difference with this ice cream. That

is how good the taste was. A bit pricey but I treat it as an occasional indulgence.

#veganuary #lifestyle #veganchocolateicecream #nomvnom

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Applogies it looked a bit melted. I was waiting for my Americano to make it's

presence before starting the enjoyment of this lovely scoop.

Creamy, strong cocoa flavour, bits of chocolate fudge hidden here and there. What more can one ask for? #veganin2020

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As much as I love nomvnom's ice cream, this was surprisingly a major disappointment of

all because firstly, the texture was not as good as the others. Secondly, the chocolate was not as intense as I had sampled in my previous few visits. My favourite is still their durian and black sesame ice cream!

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Wow this has to be my favorite vegan ice cream, the chocolate taste was perfect

like a non vegan chocolate ice cream.

Just had a slight coconut after taste I'm assuming from the coconut milk they used.

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Combination of coconut and soy milk. Nicest vegan chocolate ice cream Ive tasted in Singapore

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Delightful and refreshing! Tastes wonderful. It actually tastes better than conventional chocolate ice creams! Smooth

and rich texture. 100% recommended!

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This is one of their best ice creams I’ve tried so far. Pretty sweet btw,

but the flavour is too good.

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