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Fish & Chips

by No Bones Beach Club


4.73 (3)

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11 September 2019
What a great way to have your fish and chips without harming any fish!

These “fish” are panko-breaded tofu with nori and served with slaw, old bay fries, garlicky super sauce and a lemon wedge. Tasty!

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27 August 2019
My husband and I loved this restaurant.

Every dish we ordered was incredible but these fish & chips were definitely the star of the show. The tofu was seasoned beautifully and the fries were perfectly crunchy. Definitely one of my favorite restaurants I’ve been to in Portland so far

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2 November 2019
This is one of our go-to dishes when we eat at No Bones (which

is often) because it's just so dang good. While not the healthiest option on the menu, it is delicious and filling!