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Black Sugar Ai-Yu Special

by Nine Fresh - Tiong Bahru
4.40 (1)

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Nine Fresh - Tiong Bahru
Nine Fresh - Tiong Bahru2 dishes · 4 reviews

302 Tiong Bahru Rd, B1-K1, Singapore 168732

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Most helpful reviews

My favourite dessert store for a long time. Used to buy from them weekly on

Sunday nights before booking in to army because #bookinblues. Now, I try to reduce consumption of such sweet stuff and only treat myself once in a while because #healthylifestyle. I shldn't say this, but I'm afraid you are missing out. Whoever I introduced these desserts to, ended up loving it very much. So if you wanna know what's legitly great dessert, try this dessert shop. I assure you will get hooked onto it.

You must be wondering, what's inside this particular dessert bowl? Let me enlighten you. --> Ai-yu jelly base, different flavoured taro balls, black pearls, red bean, sweet potatoes, yam. 😋

PS. According to their FAQs, as long as you don't get the milk ball and beancurd base desserts, then shldn't contain any dairy. Also, their products do not contain gelatin. Hence is suitable for vegans.

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