Shanghai Style Zha Jiang Mian 上海式炸醬麵

  • Is Shanghai Style Zha Jiang Mian 上海式炸醬麵 vegan? Yes! Shanghai Style Zha Jiang Mian 上海式炸醬麵 is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Very homely meal 🏠Fresh slices of vegetables, would love more! Sauce not too thick or

starchy which is great. There's mock minced pieces. Noodles were aplenty but not heavy #carbsforlife The yellow bits are tofu that's supposed to emulate egg yolk. This costs $10 which is to expect for a store that uses #organic ingredients. Lady boss was really nice and welcoming.

To be honest, I don’t know how a Zha Jiang Mian supposed to taste like.

But, it was a quite comforting meal. The noodle is served with generous amount of toppings and sauce. The sauce is quite thick, a little bit sour and spicy. Overall it is a decent dish.

Was expecting more vegetables and radish but heavy in mock meat. Will compare with Korean

Jajangmyeon in Tai Seng.

Broth is delicious and the noodles soak up the broth well! Comes with raw vegetables,

tofu scramble and some mock. Worth a try if you have a craving for zha jiang mian!

Eating food is a multisensory experience. That includes even saying the name of the dish.

This dish has a fun-to-say name. On a more ordinary level the dish also has lots of veggies.

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