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Shan Yao Tofu

by New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant


4.80 (5)

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17 November 2020
Best dish among my dinner order.

The caipo and tofu so flavorful. Must try!!!

#vegan #tofu #caipo

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20 April 2021
Interesting tasty dish, rare to see tofu done this way.

Crispy and full of flavour. The veggies are healthy, not super fond of this but ok. Be sure to let them know you're vegan, dishes with vegan options aren't vegan but can be veganized.

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6 November 2021
Shan Yao Tofu $14/ $26- “Fried to golden brown, topped with pickled radish and leafy

vege” Like the tofu balls topped with raddish 😋 Also enjoyed the leafy in this 💚 Much needed green!


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10 October 2020
A very refreshing combo and taste.

Think the tiny crumbs on top are deep fried Cai Por.. not 100% sure but it’s so yummy.. Love this..

though this is a tofu dish they serve it with a generous portion of nai bai that is perfectly cooked.. crunchy veggies are the best!! 🙌🏼

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14 October 2021
Handmade soft tofu with carrot bits, battered and fried till golden brown in a special

huai shan yao Chinese yam root sauce! Served with chye poh pickled radish and leafy nai bai bok choy. Always a fan of their handmade...

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