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Laksa Hotpot

by New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant


4.43 (6)

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30 June 2021
had a lot of ingredients inside.

the soup was pretty mild and had a coconutty taste so even people who can’t take spice can eat this and enjoy it!

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7 August 2021
Laksa Hotpot ($26/ $40) – Just look at the generous amount of ingredients.

So worth it. If you dine in there, they will give you extra bowl of laksa soup, to ensure that you have enough laksa! Heard that some customers will dabao the extra laksa soup home to eat with noodles #tips #smart...

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2 July 2021
Liked the texture and flavor of the dish, would recommend!

The charcoal didn’t keep the dish hot for very long, and the serving is good for two people!

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2 March 2021
Vegetarian laksa hotpot!

Perfect portion for 2! Lots of ingredients inside but sadly it does not come with rice or noodles. 25 for the small pot with extra serving of soup on the side!

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8 January 2022
Two persons can eat without problem, we just ordered 2 bowls of rice.

It doesn't come with a lot of different ingredients but the fish tastes quite nice (usually I don't like)

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16 September 2018
Great laksa flavour.

Broth is not too thick, not to thin, just nice. #crfsg

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