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Most helpful reviews

Ordered this again as it’s one of my father’s favourites but this time with different

‘liao’, mushroom I think. Not as nice this time, too much of the gravy which made the crispy yam ring soggy.

$17! I thought this was not bad!!! though taste of the mock meat here was

similar to the sweet and sour pork so wouldn’t recommend getting both. dad said this one had a more chicken texture that the pork but I think they used the same mock meat HAHAHA the yam ring was not bad but my mum said it wasn’t fragrant enough. love the crispy exterior though!!! also not enough of the little white crispy bits too. also they had CELERY which looked like onions and it was not pleasant :”( overall pretty average, have had better!! mum was raving about the yam ring over at Greenland veg just opposite :)

Love yam ? Then you will love this too! 100/10 ! Will order this again

and again.

Great dish for sharing. Love the sweet and sour hericium mushrooms!

Always hard to resist a yam ring and this one’s pretty good…crispy and soft, with

flavourful ‘liao’ in the middle.

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